Why Play A Boardgame?

Why play a board game?

Really.  Don’t you have something more important or more exciting or more fulfilling to do. Like . . .

Reviewing your financial portfolio?

Cleaning the bathroom?

Reading Faust?

Who cares about a game of checkers these days?

What’s to be learned by playing a game of backgammon?

Chinese Checkers is so simple a four year old can play.

Cribbage is only for rednecks!

Chess is for people who think their [sp] just too smart.

“Words” is for English teachers.

“America’s Game” if for 8 year old boys.

But you’re missing the point! It’s not about the game. It’s about the people. (Well there is one exception. Chess IS about the game.)

Spend some time face to face. Get to know your son a little better; or maybe your grandmother. Engage in idle chatter with someone you love. Exchange thoughts; exchange looks; exchange smiles.

Just remember it’s only a game. It’s the people that count.

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