Who reads testimonials?

As for me I just don’t have time to read testimonials on websites. Not that they might be informative or useful sometimes. But really, they are usually quite predictable and shall we say . . .  boring.

Not so with the testimonials found on!! They are fantastic! Pardon my hyperbole maybe “fantastic” is just a little bit of overstatement. Just a little bit.

You be the judge:

\How about this one:

“We couldn’t be happier with the table! My family was so surprised and thankfully so content to just play games the past couple of days as they weren’t dying to go skiing in the cold. Please let me know if there is anywhere we can post reviews for you, you went above and beyond making sure we got this and I appreciate that so much and the craftsmanship is just beautiful.”

Ruth in Bretton Woods, NH


Or this one:

“We just received and unpacked our new game table. My wife, myself and our two neighbors that helped to get it to our living room cannot believe the level of expert quality built into this. You’ve created a table that will get a lot of family use for years, and an heirloom for our daughter’s future family. The details of your workmanship and craftsmanship are exceptional. Please be sure to use our comments-cheers to future game table owners!”

Steve in Connecticut


One more:

“We received our table yesterday. It looks great! We are so excited to play each game! Wonderful craftsmanship! We discovered the American Game Table while staying at the 250 Main Hotel in Rockland, Maine. The nice people at the hotel provided the artist information for the table. We are so pleased with the product. We just received the table last week and have already enjoyed playing several games. Wonderful craftsmanship and customer service. This will be a piece of furniture we cherish for many years with our family.”

Mindy from Kansas City


One more one more:

“My husband absolutely loves it!”

Laura in Virginia


I could go on. These are just a few of the many we get.

So maybe its time to slow down; sit down; and play a game. Maybe two.

Check it out: