long lasting tradition

This game cube will form the basis for a long lasting tradition of game playing at our Lake House I am sure. Regards.

held up remarkably well

We still have all three. They’ve held up remarkably well since they’re used a lot during the summer. We keep one in Girls Area, one in Boys Area and one in our staff lounge. I think the staff probably use it the most, followed closely by our Boys Area campers and staff. We love them and would highly recommend them to other camps.

everyone raves

We love the game tables and our campers get a lot of use out of them. Chess is probably the camp wide favorite. We keep them in front of the fireplace and find campers using them rain or shine, all times of day. Everyone raves about how beautiful they are . . . and sturdy.

loves it

My husband absolutely loves it!

great family game time

We love the table and are having some great family game time. Well done.

great hit with our guests

We purchased one of your American Game Tables earlier in the year and it has been a great hit with our guests!

most treasured possessions

I just wanted to call and tell you how I absolutely love the American Game Table Company game cube. I just went through all the game pieces; checked to see if all the pieces are there. Everything is in perfect order. Thank you so much. It’s a wonderful delight to have this game cube. Thank you so much. This is one of my most treasured possessions now. Thank you very much.

expert quality

We just received and unpacked our new game table. My wife, myself and our two neighbors that helped to get it to our living room cannot believe the level of expert quality built into this. You’ve created a table that will get a lot of family use for years, and an heirloom for our daughter’s future family. The details of your workmanship and craftsmanship are exceptional. Please be sure to use our comments-cheers to future game table owners!

exceptional piece

Thank you for this beautiful donation! We plan to use it in the patient common room in the hospital. Thank you for thinking of the VA. This is an exceptional piece and we are very fortunate that you chose to share it with our patients. Lots of talent at the American Game Table!!

couldn’t be happier

We couldn’t be happier with the table! My family was so surprised and thankfully so content to just play games the past couple of days as they weren’t dying to go skiing in the cold. Please let me know if there is anywhere we can post reviews for you, you went above and beyond making sure we got this and I appreciate that so much and the craftsmanship is just beautiful.