At our cottage. Just need the grandkids. Thanks.

unique item

Pete, it was great talking with you by phone just now. . . . I am in my 37th year as an appraiser and consider myself extremely privileged to hold two 5-year federal contracts to do appraisals of gifts given to our federal officials here in Washington. Please keep my email address so you can write me in one or two years and tell me how your business has grown. You have a unique item of high quality. Take care.

high quality handmade

We purchased a game cube at a local NH craft fair in October 2012 and have been very happy with it. The cube is in our rental condo so adults and children can have fun playing the different games. We like that all the game pieces and game rules are self-contained inside the cube lessening the chance of loosing pieces. The game cube is a high quality handmade piece of furniture that will last a lifetime of use!

piece of art

I have a gift basket company and have to do a large gift for . . . so thought this might be fun for his family to have. . . .The table came in perfect condition and everyone in the shop is amazed. They love it! What a piece of art. Sort of wish I had ordered another one. Sure it is too late now, but maybe next year.

most unique

I truly think it is one of the most unique things I have seen in a long time.

very excited

Received the game table this afternoon. Arrived in perfect condition. I love it. My family is very excited to get it up to our cabin. Thank you so much!!

loves it

Leo Loves it.

fell in love

My son fell in love with it.

long lasting tradition

This game cube will form the basis for a long lasting tradition of game playing at our Lake House I am sure. Regards.

held up remarkably well

We still have all three. They’ve held up remarkably well since they’re used a lot during the summer. We keep one in Girls Area, one in Boys Area and one in our staff lounge. I think the staff probably use it the most, followed closely by our Boys Area campers and staff. We love them and would highly recommend them to other camps.