The Perfect Gift

What is a perfect gift?

That depends of course. Who is it for? What’s the occasion?  Is there a pandemic going on?

Let’s get to the point. We have the perfect gift for Christmas for your entire family especially this year.

If you’re spending more time at home with the family what do you DO? Watch video? Spend time on the trampoline? Yoga? Cooking? Gardening? Playing board games?

The American Game Table has six full-sized classic board games all in one beautiful place:  Chess/Checkers, Backgammon, Chinese Checkers, Cribbage, “Words”, and “America’s Game.”

The table is simply turned over until the game of choice is on top ready to play.

Premium game pieces are stored inside the table.

Its such a simple idea you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of it before!

There’s more.

The American Game Table is beautiful AND extremely rugged. It’s made out of WOOD not cardboard or plastic. Most of the game pieces are also made of wood. Even the heavy duty corduroy draw-string pouches for the game pieces are very very rugged.

The American Game Table is a family heirloom that will last for many years, perhaps many generations. The game table is a gift to not only your family but to future generations. Chess, backgammon, cribbage – all of these games, have been around for many years and all of these games will still be played for many many years to come.

The American Game Table can be the generator of family memories. In future years it can be a physical reminder of cherished memories from long ago.

What a perfect gift.

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Family Memories

Ninety percent of everything in Walmart ends up in the garbage dump within eighteen months. Most of it comes from China.

The American Game Table is made in America and it lasts forever.

Well maybe not forever but it lasts for a very long time.

More important are the memories that last.

Like the memory of playing Chess with your younger brother. Like the memory of your uncle Joe. He was a real character but no one could beat him at Checkers. Or the time your sister Tess let your father win at Backgammon because she knew he wanted to win so bad. And you’ll always remember the time Grandma spilled the beans about the family secret in the middle of a game of Cribbage. And how about the time the marbles from Chinese Checkers ended up in the birthday cake.

Memories of everyone together. It is what it is. Family.

The American Game Table is beautiful. Its also built to last. A family heirloom. Its made out of wood and its heavy and square shaped. Batteries are not included. Check it out:  www.americangametable.con