The Perfect Gift

What is a perfect gift?

That depends of course. Who is it for? What’s the occasion?  Is there a pandemic going on?

Let’s get to the point. We have the perfect gift for Christmas for your entire family especially this year.

If you’re spending more time at home with the family what do you DO? Watch video? Spend time on the trampoline? Yoga? Cooking? Gardening? Playing board games?

The American Game Table has six full-sized classic board games all in one beautiful place:  Chess/Checkers, Backgammon, Chinese Checkers, Cribbage, “Words”, and “America’s Game.”

The table is simply turned over until the game of choice is on top ready to play.

Premium game pieces are stored inside the table.

Its such a simple idea you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of it before!

There’s more.

The American Game Table is beautiful AND extremely rugged. It’s made out of WOOD not cardboard or plastic. Most of the game pieces are also made of wood. Even the heavy duty corduroy draw-string pouches for the game pieces are very very rugged.

The American Game Table is a family heirloom that will last for many years, perhaps many generations. The game table is a gift to not only your family but to future generations. Chess, backgammon, cribbage – all of these games, have been around for many years and all of these games will still be played for many many years to come.

The American Game Table can be the generator of family memories. In future years it can be a physical reminder of cherished memories from long ago.

What a perfect gift.

Check it out:






Chickens Playing Board Games

What do chickens and vinyl records and board games have in common?

They all squawk?

They all scratch?

They all throw dice?

They are all a part of a general retreat from the digital world.

The digital world has been designed primarily for purposes of control. Control of data transmission, data storage, output, time, space, and ultimately people: You.

Is there still room for analog-ness in the digital world? Can we escape the gravity of technology? Must there always be someone pushing us to buy the next new thing like our lives depend on it?

Well that’s largely up to you.

So . . .put a chicken coop in your back yard!

Dig out those old Carole King albums!

Slow down; sit down; and play a board game. Maybe two!

Meanwhile check out the next new thing here:

Your life may depend on it!

PS, It makes a great gift.