America’s Game

Atlantic City New Jersey: boring. Second rate gambling casinos, dismal neighborhoods, yucky cotton candy. And street names we all know from putting little green plastic houses and red hotels on to collect rent. How about something new and more exciting?

How about America’s Game.

The most expensive high rent properties are Wall Street and Madison Avenue. The low rent district is Tobacco Road and Skid Row.

For Los Angeles we have Sunset Strip, Hollywood and Vine.

For San Francisco we have Haight, Asbury and Lombard.

How about Lover’s Lane, Primrose Path and Yellow Brick Road.

For Beatle fans we have Penny Lane. For Paul Simon we have Bleaker Street. For Bob Dylan we have Positively Fourth Street.

We’ve got the Appalachian Trail and the Oregon Trail.

South of the Mason Dixon Line? We’ve got the Natchez Trace.

We’ve got real railroads too:  CSX, Long Island Railroad, Bay Area Rapid Transit and of course Amtrak.

For our libertarian friends we even have a Flat Tax.

Best of all everything is made out of wood; not plastic.

Its all part of America’s Game found only at American Game Table.

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Family Memories

Ninety percent of everything in Walmart ends up in the garbage dump within eighteen months. Most of it comes from China.

The American Game Table is made in America and it lasts forever.

Well maybe not forever but it lasts for a very long time.

More important are the memories that last.

Like the memory of playing Chess with your younger brother. Like the memory of your uncle Joe. He was a real character but no one could beat him at Checkers. Or the time your sister Tess let your father win at Backgammon because she knew he wanted to win so bad. And you’ll always remember the time Grandma spilled the beans about the family secret in the middle of a game of Cribbage. And how about the time the marbles from Chinese Checkers ended up in the birthday cake.

Memories of everyone together. It is what it is. Family.

The American Game Table is beautiful. Its also built to last. A family heirloom. Its made out of wood and its heavy and square shaped. Batteries are not included. Check it out:  www.americangametable.con