Play A Game . . . Maybe Two

Blog blog blog. Blah blah blah. OK why am I really writing this? To get more people to visit my website and make me rich. But why are you reading this? Don’t you have better things to do? Go climb a mountain or visit your grandmother. This is not literature. No one ever won a Pulitzer for a blog. Can you imagine a Madmen episode where they did blogging? No. Even the word “blog” is an insult to the beauty of the English language. The word sounds horrible. Its a variation on bleck!

OK so you’re stuck at home doing pandemic time. What to do? Well you might want to play a game with your kids or, the unthinkable, with your spouse.

OK I am stuck at home doing pandemic time. What do I do to get more people to visit my website –  to make them happy?

The first Pulitzer prize winning blog!

Board games and especially the American Game Table is like something out of the 1930’s or 40’s. So that’s where we will go for inspiration:  The Burma Shave signs! Remember them? I don’t. I’m not THAT old.

The Burma Shave shaving cream company had a unique way of advertising. They placed a series of small signs along the highway with short lines that created a memorable poetic couplet. Say what?

Like this:

Big Mistake

Many Make

Rely On Horn

Instead Of


Burma Shave

So like this:

Play A Game

Maybe Two

With Your Friends

Or Kangaroo

American Game Table

Or this:

I Like Chess

She Likes Checkers

I like Levi’s

She Like Dockers

Or Geckos?

Or Hecklers?

Or Knickers?

Or Necking!

Oh to be young again.

American Game Table

Or this:

Playing Backgammon

Leads To Famine

Its So Much Fun

You’ll Forget To Eat!!!!!

American Game Table

If we haven’t been arrested yet we’ll try one more:

Cribbage Is For Hillbillies

Don’t Try To Pretend

Play Like You Live

Play To The End

American Game Table

Thank you. Thank you very much. First I would like to thank my parents and my family who are with me here this evening . . .




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