This Is Not Funny Anymore

It doesn’t matter what you think about Covid. Is it just like the flu or is it the end of civilization as we know it? Either way its not over. And I am still stuck in my freaking house all the time. Grrrr.

I’ve already painted the bathroom and fixed the light switch in the kitchen. I sent a nice letter to my ex – after 10 years. I checked out all the symptoms for throat cancer. (I’m fine.) I joined a right wing malitia. Gotcha didn’t I! I’m bored.

What to do?

How about getting really good at chess.

How about gambling away all your savings (ie. stimulus checks) by getting obsessed with backgammon.

How about playing Chinese checkers with your elderly live-in mother in law. Can you imagine!

Ok how about a game of cribbage with your degenerate friends from highschool.

Play a game of checkers with a beeeutiful woman.

Play a game of checkers with a sweat guy.

Maybe you’re shy like me. Playing a board game is a nice way to get beyond shyness and have a nice idle conversation with someone.

Of course you could play a game of poker. But that’s evil. The bishop doesn’t allow it! You’ll lose real money even if you’re playing a penny ante game. Plus you always need four people.

Naw; play a board game. If you get tired of one game try another. Here:



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