Everybody Likes The American Game Table

A while ago we started to wonder exactly who was the most likely kind of person to buy one of our game tables. So we did a phone survey of 100 customers who had previously bought a game table.

Amazingly every single person contacted still had their game table; still used it at least from time to time (some a lot more than that); and everyone absolutely loved it.

So who were these people? Well that turned out to be a bit of a problem. When you try to market something whether its toothpaste or jet engines you try to figure out who is your target audience. What type or kind of person is most likely to buy your product. That way you can figure out the best way to reach those people.

What our customer survey told us was disturbing: Everybody likes the American Game Table!  Our customers are young and old; city slickers and country folk; rich and poor; Republicans and Democrats; dog lovers and cat lovers; vegetarians and paleos; digital and analogue; Fremen and Harkonnen. Everybody!

The American Game Table can be found in luxury high-rises in New Your City; country inns;  and the hollows of West Virginia. Its often a Christmas gift or wedding gift or birthday gift; or house warning gift. Quite often its found near the fireplace in a cabin in the woods.

One group over represented was grandmothers trying to keep their grandchildren away from video games. But another prominent group was middle aged IT people who were tired of looking at a screen.

So we’ve given up trying to figure it  out. The American Game Table is for everybody; even English majors.

Maybe Donald Trump and Joe Biden should sit down together and play a game of Checkers; talk things over; skip the debate; work things out. . . .

(I’m not sure if either one of them is smart enough to play Chess. If they played Chinese Checkers they’d end up throwing marbles at each other. Backgammon and Cribbage require rudimentary math skills (counting) so forget that. Checkers requires jumping your opponent so it should be an equally matched and hard fought game.)

So, whoever you are, check it out:


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